“Dr. Gila’s acupuncture treatments have so helped me! I feel so much better! Even though I started with a specific pain management complaint (I could hardly walk to the corner!) I now come periodically for general Well-Being and long-term Maintenance.”

“Dr. Gila was a life-saver when I had neck pain after m accident.  So when my physical therapist recommended acupuncture to help my sciatica pain, I thought immediately of Dr. Gila!” — Gayle W.

“I had terrible back pain for 2 years. Within 3 visits I’m amazed at how much better I feel.  Now I go regularly to see Dr. Gila to keep feeling good.” — F. T. Coronado Resident

“My sinuses had plagued me all of my adult life (30+ years).  I had been prescribed antibiotics so many times I wished I had bought stock in the pharmaceutical industry. I was facing surgery. Instead I decided to seek your help. You advised that the antibiotics and steroids would always be there and instead recommended acupuncture, Chinese herbs and dietary changes. I began a twice a week regimen of acupuncture which was like a relaxing siesta!  I not only kept my sinus problems at bay, but also cut the incidence of migraine headaches I suffered by 80% and eliminated the nighttime stomach discomfort I had suffered. I still need the occasional acupuncture treatment. However, I have not had antibiotic treatment for my sinuses in two years, truly a miracle.” — Rebecca M.

“I came to Island Acupuncture with a reoccurring vestibular disorder causing vertigo and a lack of awareness and within 2 week my symptoms were dramatically reduced. I didn’t believe in acupuncture before but Dr. Peled proved to me that surgery and western medicine are not the only solutions to physical illnesses.” — John F.

“Dr. Gila’s painless treatments worked magic on my daughter’s sinus problems!” — Kirsten W.

“As your patient, I lost 30 pounds and was in the best mental and physical shape I had ever been in before! Acupuncture helped, but yoga too.” — R. Calhoun

“For more then 15 years I have been suffering from restless leg syndrome.  Tried everything and nothing helped. My conditioned improved considerably after one treatment with Dr. Gila and continued to improve with each treatment thereafter. I drive 30 miles to see Dr. Gila but it’s worth every bit of the extra time because I feel so much better! —  JW Encinitas

“I had the baby on Valentine’s Day – the labor was so Fast and went so Smoothly – It was WONDERFUL! He was 8 lbs 8 oz & 21 inches long.  THANK YOU again for the Treatment. I really believe they made a huge difference. I’ve been telling everybody.” See Related Article in CORONADO Lifestyle Magazine

“Dr. Gila’s acupuncture treatments have so helped me! I feel so much better! Even though I started with a specific pain management complaint (I could hardly walk to the corner!)  I now come periodically for general Well-Being and long-term Maintenance.”— DD

“I have nothing but wonderful things to report from my treatment at ISLAND ACUPUNCTURE with Dr. Gila. I came in for terribly intense and acute sciatica pain due to a lower back disc herniation (I had been in and out of the ER with no relief). Dr. Gila treated me and IMMEDIATELY I Felt Better with LESS PAIN and more mobility. After several sessions I continue to improve and could not be Happier with my results. Truly, Dr. Gila as been a “LIFESAVER for me and I Highly Recommend her care.” — Liz B, San Diego Resident

“I love the ambiance and atmosphere at Dr. Gila’s office. It has a good feel to it!  Her treatments have really helped my Pain.” — Neil from Arizona

“I came to see Dr. Gila after an ectopic pregnancy that ruptured my tube. Due to that and my uterus being heart-shaped there was concern I may have issues getting pregnant and carrying the baby. With Dr. Gila’s help, my hormones regulated and my health improved. About a year later I got pregnant! Now my beautiful baby boy is almost 2 years old.” — Ashley G.

“For years I was suffering from severe sinus and headaches. I was taking all kinds of medication, including antibiotics. I had practically given up ever getting better. When I first came to see Gila I was VERY SKEPTICAL about acupuncture, but then I felt IMMEDIATE RELIEF as a result of her treatment and it helped me with other health issues as well.” — Karen Butler

“Gila’s acupuncture helped relax my body and stimulate blood flow that I believe improved my sperm count and contributed to a healthy pregnancy. Her understanding of the body and her practice also helped eliminate excess heat which manifested in monthly night sweats. I would gladly recommend her services!” — Jim Rinehart

“Acupuncture rebalanced our bodies and restored our physical health, well being and prepared our bodies for IVF. With a balance of acupuncture from Island Acupuncture and herbs I believe we were able to get pregnant on the first try! The studies are significant and I would encourage you to call Dr. Peled if you are in a similar place. You will be grateful! We are now 7 months pregnant with our first child and so excited!” — Jim and Kristin Rinehart

“I am a Coronado resident that lives abroad. I needed acupuncture treatment on short notice when I was home during the holidays. I received really quick feedback and helpful service on the phone, which was highly valued since other acupuncturists were not working at this time. I was able to come in on the same day, late afternoon and received treatment until 6 pm, which lasted over 90 minutes. It was very professional service and Dr. Gila understood my problem, as she has worked previously with injured endurance athletes. I will certainly keep her number on my speed dial and call her up again when I need help!” — Scott Cole, Ph.D., EnviroEconomics Sweden Consultancy

The acupuncture treatment is simply a series of taps with small needles. Dr. Gila is highly skilled and experienced in her technique and is sensitive to any slight discomfort one may feel. I have experienced radical improvement in my pain and no longer have to use any prescription pain medication. She has opened my eyes to the more holistic approach of taking care of my own health and wellness using more natural methods.” — Ann W.

“Gila really helped me with chronic foot problems. As someone who is a bit skeptical, it was hard for me to believe that acupuncture would help where so many treatments failed. Boy was I glad that I tried it! Dr. Peled really knows her stuff. You are in good hands.” —  J. C., Coronado Resident

“Came with unresolved shoulder pain with no response to usual care. Great help and understanding. Pain improved and management progressed. Great collaborative effort”– Dave F.

“Fantastic- I have really made progress with my migraines and stress level. Dr. Gila and he assistant are by far most experienced and understanding. I would highly recommend Dr. Gila for treatment and relaxation techniques.” -Marla J.

“I have never felt so good as when I took my first dose of herbs Dr. Gila specifically blended for me. Such energy! And best of all no pain! Thank you Dr. Gila.”-Peggy L.

“I feel so much better! Totally fixed my pain from the whiplash I received from a car accident.”– Susan H.

“I wouldn’t just do this with anyone but Dr. Gila inspires confidence.”-Karen S.

“Amazing. Hip completely healed. Really appreciate what Dr. Gila has done for me.”-Mike L.

“If you want the best from an acupuncturist, Gila Peled is the person you need to see. Gila is not only highly qualified in that field, she also has a personal warmth and nurturing demeanor that adds so much to her treatments. Add to that her cheerful, positive attitude and you have it all!”-Retired USD Teacher

“The most amazing ting is that after 6 miscarriages over 11 years, I had just finished treatment with you and got pregnant on the 1st try!
I know if it hadn’t been for acupuncture treatment with you, Dillon would have ever had been born. I did not use fertility drugs or any enhancements…Just wanted to let you know what happened and how grateful we are for your help.”
-Rochelle C.